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'Final Fantasy VII' Cid's ultimate weapon

Venus Gospel
Venus Gospel

The Venus Gospel, an ultimate weapon in “Final Fantasy VII”, may be one of the easiest to obtain, yet also one associated with the most dialogue and perhaps least amount of actual battling. The Venus Gospel is Cid's ultimate weapon, and it resembles a spear. The weapon can be obtained where the character was originally recruited, in Rocket Town.

Within Rocket Town, there stands an elderly man who loves observing the stationary rocket that is the staple of the town. Talking to this man periodically throughout the game will reward the player with certain items and weapons, depending on when the man is spoken to.

At one certain point after events in the main story unfold in Rocket Town during disk 2, the player can return and speak to this man once again. Due to his love of the old rocket, the man will begin to go onto somewhat of a rant. After going through much dialogue and speaking to this man three separate times,he will apologize for losing track of his words and thank the party for listening to him for the entirety, awarding the player with the Venus Gospel, Cid's ultimate weapon.

Similar to Red XIII's ultimate weapon, Limited Moon, the Venus Gospel's damage is based off of how much MP Cid currently has. While perhaps more effective than an HP reliant ultimate weapon, in certain battles the party will be extremely magically limited, especially if the player is also using Red XIII with his Limited Moon as well. For a straight, physical attacking team, however, this setup would be quite ideal.