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'Final Fantasy VII' Chocobo breeding part 2

Stables/Chocobo Class
Stables/Chocobo Class

Initially, the player is going to want to catch several Chocobos, in order to breed them with each other. Before breeding, it is important to look at the caught Chocobo's statistics. Each Chocobo has a rating such as Good or Great, and in order to progress in the Chocobo mating world, it is best to have Wonderful Chocobos, though Great and Good ones are acceptable as well. Chocobos obviously also have a gender of either male or female.

The area in which a Chocobo is caught determines whether it is Good, Great, etc. Poor and Weak Chocobos can be found in the original Chocobo Ranch area tracks, Poor and Fair ones can be found in the tracks near Junon, and Average and Good Chocobos are found towards the Gold Saucer area. The tracks on Wutai island will produce Average and Fair Chocobos, while the ones in the Mideel area provide Great and Fair Chocobos. The tracks near Rocket Town will merit So-So and Great Chocobos, and finally Weak and Wonderful Chocobos can be found in the Icicle area of the map.

Unfortunately, each Chocobo must be taken back to the stables before it's quality can be checked, meaning that the entire process can become quite tedious if the Chocobo is not desirable and the only place to obtain the one sought after is quite far from the Chocobo Farm.

Each Chocobo also has a Class ranking, such as A or S Class. This Class helps determine what kind of Chocobo will come out of the breeding process, and the ranking can be raised quite simply. Earlier in the game the player was introduced to Chocobo Racing at the Gold Saucer, and in order to now raise these Chocobo's Class, the player must enter them into a Chocobo Race and win.