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'Final Fantasy VII' Chocobo breeding part 1

Chocobo track locations
Chocobo track locations

Chocobos are a very essential part of “Final Fantasy VII”. While early on these wild beasts can only be caught temporarily, as the game progesses there is quite a bit more to do with Chocobos. There are many Chocobos to obtain, from red to blue to even golden Chocobos, each holds a specific trait to help navigate the strange and mysterious world of “Final Fantasy VII”.

Later on in the game, after the party gains access to the airship Highwind, the player can head back to an area that was encountered extremely early on in the game, the Chocobo Farm just outside of Midgar and Calm, next to the mash where the Midgar Zolem resides. When visiting, the player is now able to purchase up to six Chocobo stables. This is the first step to becoming a Chocobo breeder and obtaining all of the most rare Chocobos.

The next thing to do is catch a Chocobo, just like at the start of the game. Run along a Chocobo track until a battle with a Chocobo begins, throw some greens at it and deal with the other monsters. If the player dismounts, the Chocobo will still run off, but if the player instead walks into the Chocobo Farm on a Chocobo, then that Chocobo will be placed within one of the stables previously purchased.

It is also good to note that, because most Chocobo tracks are scattered across the land and on different islands and areas that Chocobos would otherwise be trapped in, the player can choose to send a Chocobo to the stables or set it loose. However one can also take the Chocobo on the Highwind and take it to other regions of the world.