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'Final Fantasy VII' catching Chocobos

'Final Fantasy VII' Chocobo
'Final Fantasy VII' Chocobo

In “Final Fantasy VII”, one unique element is the ability to catch, tame, and breed Chocobos. This is extremely useful if one wishes to travel the world unhindered, reach secret areas before certain game events occur that provide an alternate route, and even areas that have absolutely no other way to be reached.

Shortly after the player is introduced to the world map outside of Midgar, he or she will come across the Chocobo Farm. A man who works there will provide the party with a Chocobo Lure Materia, which essentially allows Chocobos to appear in fights and when given a type of Green, will stay in battle as opposed to run away while the party dispatches the enemies. After all enemies have been defeated and the Chocobo is still in the fight, the party will have 'caught' it and will now be riding it on the world map.

However, Chocobos do not simply randomly appear in battle. The player must run along specific Chocobo tracks that indicate the existence of the bird with the Lure equipped, and hope for a battle with a Chocobo.

At this point in the game, the Chocobo can be used to zoom across the Marsh and avoid a fight with a very powerful viper at this point in the game known as the Midgar Zolom. Once the party reaches the other side, the player is forced to dismount in order to progress through a cave, as the Chocobo cannot be taken along. After dismounting, the Chocobo will run away, as it was not tamed but simply caught, and in order to ride a Chocobo again, another must be caught.