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'Final Fantasy VII' Bone Village part 3

Bone Village dig spots
Bone Village dig spots

In contrast to how Elixirs and Potions can be obtained consistently in the Bone Village of “Final Fantasy VII”, certain items can only be obtained once, and others can only be gotten if certain special conditions are met prior to the dig.

After events at Fort Condor during the main story, if the player was unable to acquire the extremely useful Phoenix Summon Materia from the top of the reactor, then the party will be able to instead find it by playing the excavation mini-game at Bone Village. Similar to this, if the party missed the W-Item Command Materia during the last part of disk 2 in Midgar, then it can also be obtained by digging within Bone Village.

Another crucial Materia that can easily be missed throughout the story is the Bahamut ZERO Summon Materia. This is extremely useful, as to otherwise obtain this Materia, the player must obtain the Blue Huge Materia, and have both Bahamut and Neo Bahamut. If either of these summons were missed, Bahamut ZERO would be unattainable from the Blue Huge Materia. Fortunately, the summon can be dug up in the Bone Village if this were the case.

Finally, two weapons can also be obtained via digging. One of which is for the optional/secret recruitable character, Vincent. The weapon that one can acquire for him here is the Buntline, a seemingly golden pistol. The other weapon is for Cid, and it is called the Mop. It looks exactly as the name describes, like a common household cleaning device, a mop. In conclusion, Bone Village can be extremely profitable through the entire game, providing many powerful tools that could have otherwise been lost forever.