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Final Fantasy Tactics mod War of the Gods v5.1 released

Final Fantasy Tactics mod War of the Gods
Final Fantasy Tactics mod War of the Gods

Mod creator GtgJon has announced the release of version 5.1 of Final Fantasy Tactics mod War of the Gods, available for download on ModDB.

This is an updated version of a mod originally made by Bastard Poetry. It is revised and expanded to take advantage of capabilities that were not possible at the time of the release of the original version, which had been done entirely with Gameshark codes.

From the mod's full description:

  • All abilities cost 0 Job Points are 100% learned by both the player and enemy
  • All weapons, shields, head wear, armors, and accessories are now worn by the enemy at half the original values
  • Gear is equipped "smartly" by the enemy AI
  • New Jobs, the "God Units", powered up versions of their generic cousins (double stats)
  • All enemy special jobs have double their regular stats
  • Zodiac Beast bosses are now pumped up and deadly
  • Monsters are no longer able to join the player's team; they are now "God Monsters" with double their original stats and +3 move and jump
  • All jobs for both player and foe are unlocked right at the start of the game
  • Math Skill has been reduced in power and many spells have been cut from the arsenal
  • Spells for Math Skill are Cure 1 & 2, Regen, Esuna, Fire/Bolt/Ice 1 & 2, Poison, Float, Reflect, Demi 1, Pray Faith, Zombie, and Dispel Magic
  • Zodiac summon spell can be learned by "God Summoners"
  • Monsters have their secret monster skill ability now in their skill set
  • All the battles have been carefully changed so that all enemies are the same level as the player's party, including random encounters
  • All enemy generic units such as Squire or Chemist have been replaced in every battle by their "God" counterparts
  • Some new "God Units" appear in random battles