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'Final Fantasy' series character: Gilgamesh


Throughout the “Final Fantasyseries, many different characters each with their own unique personalities and goals associated with them are encountered. Every character in the “Final Fantasy” series is individual in their own rights. However, there are certain characters that can be found in the series that appear recurring in many of the games. Having a slightly altered personality from game to game, the characters still manage to keep their own unique styles about them. Gilgamesh is one of these characters.

Gilgamesh is a quite interesting and rather distinguished character in the series. He is viewed as a treasure hunter, and for the most part, has a large thirst for obtaining powerful blades to wield in each of his eight hands.

Although originally appearing in “Final Fantasy V”, Gilgamesh can also be found in the “Final Fantasy” remake, “Dawn of Souls”, in an optional dungeon. Being a major villain in his original role from “Final Fantasy V”, Gilgamesh later takes on somewhat of a lesser, easter-egg type role throughout the rest of the series. He appears in “Final Fantasy IV: The After Years” in the final dungeon, summoned by the final boss for the party to fight.

He also appears in “Final Fantasy VI” as an esper, but only in the Game Boy Advance version of the game. The next appearance of the great Gilgamesh is in “Final Fantasy VIII”. He does not appear unless certain specific criteria are met. If the party has aquired the Odin Guardian Force and made it to the end of disk 3 to the fight with Seifer, Gilgamesh may be unlocked after 12 turns have passed. He also appears as a card for the players to battle with in the card game players can have with NPCs.

He then appears in “Final Fantasy IX” as a treasure hunter, and will eventually reveal his name to Zidane once the player reaches the highest possible Treasure Hunter rank. In “Final Fantasy XII” Gilgamesh makes a return as a rather difficult boss. His fight consists of two stages, also including his dog Enkidu to aid him. Following this, he makes several other appearances in various “Final Fantasy” titles as either DLC, a summon, or, in the case of “Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy”, a playable character.