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Final Fantasy Realm Awoken and more an overveiw

 lvl 90 pvp gear
lvl 90 pvp gear
Square Enix

Heavensturn is coming to end tomorrow so get your horse gear before it goes a way. On a brighter note in case you have not heard Lightnings quests are supposed to come back on 2/11/14 so if you have not obtained all of your bohemian or your guardian corp gear, this is to celebrate Final Fantasy 13-3 Lightining returns's American Release

An Overview of A Realm Awoken

  • There is a gentlemen quest where players follow an investigator on his adventures. You can obtain a famed final fantasy item seen in all games of the series called phoneix down.
  • Players are able to help tow beastmen tribes to accumulate fame in that tribe to buy things in their shop
  • PVP players are able to fight against each other in an arena based battle of 4 v 4 in order to gain wolf marks in order to get PVP gear.
  • Free companies are now able to buy plots of land to build houses on them. Each major city has their own housing area.
  • New dungeons such as crystal tower which is an 8 party dungeon.
  • New extreme mode of primal fights
  • New treasure hunting where adventures will be scouring the land for rare treasure maps and using their vague locations to find treasure.
  • Haukke Manor & copperbell mines hard mode available
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