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'Final Fantasy IX' overview

'Final Fantasy IX' Game Cover
'Final Fantasy IX' Game Cover

"Final Fantasy IX" is the ninth game in the Final Fantasy series. With the release of the ninth installment, Square Enix, the company behind the Final Fantasy series as well as a number of other projects, decided to break away from the format of many of "Final Fantasy IX"s predecessors.

The game was released on November 13th, 2000. Ironically, the release date was initially meant to be earlier in the year, however it was pushed back so that it did not compete with another of Square Enix's creations coming out around the same time, "Dragon Quest VII". However, the delayed release gave the company more time to hype the game, featuring some characters from the anticipated release in Coca-Cola commercials and giving away figurines of the characters as prizes in a Coca-Cola marketing campaign.

"Final Fantasy IX" contains a protagonist that is very different from some of the earlier games in the series. As opposed to being forlorn and sullen, Zidane Tribal is actually very upbeat and never afraid to make new friends. He is a human thief with the tail of a monkey, and at the start of the game he is associated with a gang that doubles as a traveling theater act known as “Tantalus”.

The story starts out with our hero and his gang plotting to kidnap the beautiful Princess Garnet. In a strange twist of fate, Zidane is soon told by the princess herself that she in fact wishes to be kidnapped. Situations turn awry at the palace, where the queen, once kind and cheery, now cold hearted and ruthless, fires cannons at the floating airship that the “Tantalus” group as well as the princess, are attempting to escape the city on.

Upon escaping the city, the airship crashes in a dark, cursed forest. Now marked a fugitive with no means of transport and trapped within an evil place that nobody ever dare venture into, the protagonists are left in quite the sticky situation.