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'Final Fantasy IV' overview

'Final Fantasy IV'
'Final Fantasy IV'

Final Fantasy IV” is one of the very early “Final Fantasy” games, originally released way back in 1991 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES. Compared to the previous three “Final Fantasy” games that had been released at the time, “Final Fantasy IV” had the most improved graphics. The game was later re-released in North America for the Sony PlayStation on June 29th, 2001. “Final Fantasy IV” was actually the first game of the series to introduce the Active Time Bar or ATB system, with previous titles simply being turn based.

The story of "Final Fantasy IV" starts off with a young man by the name of Cecil Harvey, a Dark Knight who is in command of the Red Wings, a group of soldiers who move around in their airships, under the lord of the kingdom of Baron. Cecil begins to question his king when he is sent to other cities to steal their powerful crystals that hold the key to the universe. Reluctant to speak up, however, Cecil is then sent on another mission to yet another town, with his friend, the Dragoon Kain.

After a tretchorous trek through a dangerous cavern, Kain and Cecil arrived at the town, only to be met with disaster. A young girl with the power to summon tremendous creatures gets threatened by Kain and Cecil's arrival, and summons a giant monster to defend herself. Knocking them unconcious, Cecil wakes up shortly after the event, in a field with Kain nowhere to be found. Upon his trek back to the kingdom, Cecil discovers that his beloved king is not all that he thought he was.