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'Final Fantasy 15' release date and influences discussed for PS4 and Xbox One

'Final Fantasy 15' at E3 2013
'Final Fantasy 15' at E3 2013
Photo courtesy of Square Enix, used with permission

The release date and influences have been further discussed for the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One video game, "Final Fantasy 15." According to a report from Gaming Bolt on May 26, the action role-playing title is expected to launch sometime within the first half of next year in the North American region. Square Enix has not yet officially announced the release date plans for the software product, however.

Tetsuya Nomura also talked a little bit about the influences of "Final Fantasy 15." He revealed that the development team wanted to add more action to the 15th main installment of the series. As a result, they have a goal of making the controls more intuitive when compared to other games from the role-playing genre. He went on to state that he specially gave some instructions for his underlings to look into third-person shooting games as to how to implement action elements while creating mood and tension at the same time.

The process is taking longer than expected for Square Enix, however, as the project has been in development for years. Initially called "Final Fantasy Versus XIII," the video game was due to come out exclusively for the PS3 before disappearing from the public. It was re-announced as a mainline release for the series during last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo at the media briefing held by Sony Computer Entertainment. At the same time, Tetsuya Nomura also revealed that "Kingdom Hearts 3" is also in development for the two next-generation systems.

Although Square Enix is working on both games at the same time, the productions for the tow software products won't be affected. Similar to the latest "Final Fantasy" game, "Kingdom Hearts 3" also does not have an official release date announced. However, a Square Enix executive did hint that some new details may be revealed at E3 2014. You can find an image featuring "Final Fantasy 15" being showcased in last year's event from the official Square Enix Facebook page can be seen near the top of this article.