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Final Fantasy 14: Ps4 Beta Information

Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

Square Enix has just announced that if you have a PS4 you can go ahead and download the Final fantasy 14 beta off of the PSN store.

Beta phase 1 times and dates : Saturday Febuaray 22,2014 to Monday March 3 2014

Beta phase 1 details: players will be playing on servers dedicated to to the beta testiong so you can not use your preexisting characters if you have any.

Beta phase 2 Times and dates: Friday April 4 2014 to Monday April 7,2014

Beta phase 2 details :In this phase of the beta test, testers will be on live servers and able to play with players from other platforms. You can use your preexisting character for this test or you can use the one you created in the previous test

For additional information about setting up the beta test on your Ps4 you can click here

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