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Final Fantasy 14 ARR Levithan preview

Preview to Leviathan Fight
Preview to Leviathan Fight
Square Enix

Today Square has released more details on the Leviathan primal fight for Final Fantasy 14 ARR. The Sahagin has finally called down their primal Leviathan and it is up to the warriors of light to destroy it. they have confirmed both hard mode and extreme mode for this fight.They are both 8 player lvl 50 fights square has posted some of the rewards you will get for defeating the Lord of Whorl. Although under the extreme mode of prerequisite they put "???" they probably want the players to figure out how to get extreme mode by themselves. Leviathan will be coming in the next patch which is called "Through the Maelstrom" Which we can expect to be released son for more info and images click here