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Final day for free Pokemon Bank trial

The free Pokemon Bank trial is coming to a close
The free Pokemon Bank trial is coming to a close

March 14 will be the last day that 3DS owners can download the Pokemon Bank application along with its free 30 day trial.

The free trial has been available ever since the release of the app in February. Once March 15 rolls around those that wish to transfer old Pokemon over will have to pay a yearly fee of $4.99.

Pokemon Bank is a storage app that enable owners of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y to put some of their extra Pokemon into an online box. Using the Pokemon Transporter app allows trainers to take Pokemon from their older games and move them to Pokemon Bank, giving them the chance to be used in X and Y.

For those that already have downloaded their free trial, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind in order to use the application to its fullest.

First off, and most importantly, any Pokemon left in Pokemon Bank after the 30 day trial period will eventually disappear. The only way to avoid losing these Pokemon is to purchase the yearly pass.

On the bright side of things, a complimentary Celebi is handed out once Pokemon Bank is downloaded and used. There is only one available however per 3DS system, more than one cant be received despite having more than one copy of Pokemon X or Y.

Any other questions or concerns about Pokemon Bank can most likely be answered at the official Pokemon Bank website.

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