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Final Boss Veigar invades the League of Legends

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Fort Worth League of Legends fans can now get their hands on the power-gauntlet wearing Final Boss Veigar. This skin pays homage to classic video games in general, while also flaunting some very specific and subtle references. Riot Games is known for creating a slew of champions and skins that have rivals, making Final Boss Veigar the first rival to the arcade themed champion skins.

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Final Boss Veigar features a lot of personality and an appearance that gamers can appreciate:

  • All new digitally dastardly clad Veigar
  • A power "gauntlet" that gamers will recognize from 1989
  • A recall animation that rips a whole in the matrix (watch how he does it, VERY closely)
  • Pixelated auto-attacks
  • Magic missile Baleful Strikes
  • Tetris shaped blocks for Dark Matter
  • Old-school wireframe animation Event Horizons
  • Digital cube of deletion with explosive pillar for Primordial Burst
  • All new voice-overs with loads of cultural references
  • New emotes, including a 16-bit pixel Veigar!

This legendary skin for the Tiny Master of Evil is currently in the League of Legends store for 1820 Riot Points. Accommodating the release of Final Boss Veigar is the "Arcade Baron Icon", which players can pickup for 250 RP in the store. This skin and Arcade Baron Icon are available now, with no temporary sale restriction!

Summoners of Fort Worth, if you're a longtime gamer and a fan of Veigar (even if you aren't), then you should strongly consider checking out and purchasing Final Boss Veigar! Will you wait and fight in the League of Legends against Final Boss Veigar, or will you claim the Summoner's Rift as your own and become the final boss yourself?


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