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Final Ballots: Last voting day for Harvey Award noms refocuses long fuse subtext

'HIT' is one of the multi-noms publisher Boom! Studios has in bonanza gambit at the Harvey Awards contending against the tide of titles under nomination by rising star publisher Valiant Entertainment.
Vanessa Del Rey / Boom! Studios

Monday's reputation is thinning into tolerable. There exists now the anticipatory and second-winds doling breaks of impromptu connections to our circles via texts and social media. It's the trending means for the bar story, post-weekend circulation on what peaked or ate up or disjointed the weekend.

And the Harvey Awards are adding a deadline to give this first workday of the weekdays an acceleration. Aug. 18 ends the enumerative calendar countdown while upgrading an encroaching timetable until the Baltimore Comic-Con opens its doors and the Harvey Awards celebration takes over Sept.'s night. An interim establishes today, as the Harvey Awards Committee announces, being the Final Ballot Reminder.

The preamble: April was 2014s timeline the Harvey Award engines get an ignition their tally by ballots. July kicked up the greenlight reveal introducing inductees under the full categories lining the 2014 nomination listings. Then, at said and done, overtone became the buffer zone crossed when the nominee listing upticked into a collated theme; which put center stage a tightly packed series of revelations.

For setting the tone, the rises and falls of impresario enterprises aren't the only behind the scenes transmedia attributes Hollywood and comic books share in stock in trade. It comes in reboots and returns. Both inspired a new landscape over the past year for the comic book industry. Valiant Entertainment restarted volumes for its well-known titles run aground circa the late 1990s. With several revamped titles getting turned heads to turn pages, a spike in critical accolades came about with Valiant's ambitious crossover Harbinger Wars.

The upsurge put a spotlight outside the iconic mainstream, the Big Two: Marvel and DC.

Tick back to last year and the biggest news set by Boom! Studios was its major acquisition. The LA-based comics publisher made a continental smaller business world in the medium by annexing Archaia Comics into its strident rising umbrella fold. Tick the countdown back to now until a night in Baltimore, Maryland in early Sept. and Boom! has a spread of potential wins bidding on titles on a quartet spread: The publisher and its trio of imprints.

Boom!-Archaia combine spots nearly ten nominations including three under the Best Anthology category. Solo, Archaia garners a Best Graphic Album Previously Published with the well-known fantasy saga Mouse Guard Vol.3: The Black Axe. Five nominations go to the family oriented kaBoom imprint, candidacies succeeding into high profile nominations such as Best Single Issue or Story, and two for Best Letterer.

Boom! Studios leads its own pack contending for Best Cartoonist, Best Artist, Best Continuing or Limited Series, Best Cover Artist and comprising a further triple scoring that numbers six nominations altogether. Las Vegas odds could play on the racking potential placed around Boom!'s whopping thirty nominations.

Big publishers and Big Screen superheroes aren't sans highlight making their own highlight doings amongst the Harvey noms. Marvel Comics has an Avenger whose commercial and critically successful solo series creates a bid for a solo action. Since that exempts the previously franchised Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America the Avenger-starring actor Jeremy Renner gains comics backing for his appeal for a greater movie focus on Clint Barton - in mask known as Hawkeye.

Writer Matt Fraction has put the grounded hero back within Marvel's undertone over the past year. Hawkeye, a long-running comic books favorite Avenger, is a nominee along a roll-call of categories. Hawkeye, a major character in the upcoming "Avengers: Age of Ultron", gains a comic books' comeback through awarding nods by notching an aim for Best Colorist - Matt Hollingsworth, Best Continuing or Limited Series, Best Artist - David Aja, Best Single Issue or Story - Hawkeye #11 and Best Writer - Matt Fraction.

Marvel's archer extraordinaire is one rebooted volume that has marked an above and beyond year. More titles outside the Marvel Comics propriety share that reboot radiance through gladitorial sales climb.

Shadowman nominates with Best Domestic Reprint Project. Ninjak under the same category. Two titles fitting under the titular publisher Valiant. And circles back to lensing Valiant Entertainment another monopolizer with 2014s Harvey Awards nominations ballot.

The NYC-headquartered publisher claimed its current resurge when it replanted the company banner without a corporate parent at it third relaunch. This time its publishing launch has been a steady upgrading rung, especially since "The Summer of Valiant 2012" initiative. This year a massive sixteen Harvey nominations usher Valiant "the heavyweight to watch" during this year's Harveys.

New titles Unity (3 noms), Six Gun Gorilla (2 noms) and the stand-out crossover series Harbinger Wars spun all-new recognition for Valiant. Each of those series adding up greater saliency by virtue for the revamped publisher's Harvey noms. But alone Valiant Entertainment's reboot for the much revered 1990s breakout Quantum & Woody hefts itself a gang of six nominations. Foremost outside headliner categories of Best New Series or Best Cover Artist - Andrew Robinson, Quantum & Woody writer James Asmus windfalls Most Promising New Talent, Special Award for Humor in Comics and Best Writer.

Another hit series Archer & Armstrong presents a secondary title stringer for Valiant. It shares a candidacy for Special Award in Humor - Fred Van Lente alongside Quantum & Woody, an equal pitting found under Most Promising New Talent - Pere Perez for the locked-and-loaded Archer & Armstrong.

Late 2013s beginning series HIT reigns in Best Inker - Vanessa Del Rey, sharing the category's nomination with Day Men's Brian Stelfreeze of Milestone Comics and 12 Gauge Comics renown.

And to fill in the archetype of the categorical heavy-hitter of yesteryear just past?

Image Comics had its powerhouse winner in the sci-fi groundbreaking series SAGA. Now Image portends a sizable two-peat at 2014s Harveys. Matt Fraction's creator-owned avante-garde sci-fi involving time-stopping through copulation Sex Criminals vaunts a Best New Series and Most Promising New Talent - Chip Zdarsky. The Walking Dead remains a stapling stunner for Image, marking a nomination for Best Inker - Stefano Gaudiano. SAGA keeps up its multi-Harvey potential after maintaining strong sales and reviews. Fiona Staples is up for reclaiming Best Cover Artist and Best Artist. Brian K. Vaughan can sustain Best Writer.

Online comics bookmark their own plot thickeners within the nominee listing. Laura Inman chances to recieve her second Harvey Award for her Revolutionary War fiction The Dreamer.

Showstopper potentials are not the scene stealers with recipiences all their own. TwoMorrow Publishings, Abstract Studios, First Second, Drawn and Quarterly sustain the frontline freckled about the nomination listings in pairings given less or plus that could secure sterling tallies of individual wins. Dark Horse and Top Shelf present their own circles of titles vying their own impressive count of nominations.

The Final Ballots are voted by those professionals working in the comic book industry. Final Ballots can be found on the Harvey Awards official site.

Winners will be announced at Harvey Awards Ceremony's 9th annual time in Baltimore on Sept. 6.

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