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Filtered water on the go, Thermos Filtration Bottle

Thermos Filtration Bottle

Whether traveling through an airport or cheering the kids at the soccer field, staying hydrated is important. Disposable water bottles can be expensive and aren't eco-friendly. Re-fillable water bottles are a eco-friendly solution, but what about the water from a fountain. The solution to filtered water on the go is the Thermos Filtration Bottle.

The new Thermos brand Filtration Bottle is for the consumer who wants clean, delicious tasting water on the go. This bottle features an innovative gravity-fed filtration method that is certified to meet strict standards for reducing contaminants such as aesthetic chlorine, chloramine, atrazine and particulate class V, as well as bad tastes and odor from water. This unique filtration design allows water to pass through the filter naturally and not by force, giving it increased contact time with the filter, resulting in contaminant-reduced water that is ready to drink. The Genuine Thermos Brand Filtration Bottle is the latest NSF/ANSI 53 certified portable filtration bottle on the market today.

“Thermos is dedicated to creating quality products for our customers and we’ve undertaken an extensive process to create a filtration bottle that meets the highest industry standards. We’re extremely proud to present our new Genuine Thermos Brand Filtration Bottle to the world, bringing a new level of quality assurance for people who want to enjoy freshly filtered water wherever they go,” said Rick Dias, President, Chief Operating Officer, Thermos L.L.C.

As families approach the summer vacation season, the Thermos Filtration Bottle is a must have travel item. The Thermos Filtration Bottle is convenient and a cost saver. If your family has flown recently, the cost of bottle water at the airport is expensive. Plus, water from a fountain can have a funny taste. With the Thermos Filtration Bottle, families can keep one in their travel bags and have good tasting, filtered water anywhere. From travel to vacation destination, filtered water is at your finger tips.

The Genuine Thermos Brand Filtration Bottle is available as a 20-ounce/590 ml capacity bottle with the filter in place or a 22-ounce/650 ml capacity without. It is available in four colors including clear, blue, pink or smoke and is sold at Target stores nationwide for $24.99. Two-pack replacement filters are also available at Target for $12.99. Each filter lasts for approximately 20 gallons or 128 full bottles of water.

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