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Filter prepares to light up the stage at the Indypendence Day Music Festival


I have always been a Filter fan dating back to still popular “Hey Man Nice Shot” and “Take A Picture” but I recently realized that I have never seen them perform live. I am so happy to say that all that will change this Friday July 4 when they headline the Indypendence Day Music Festival in Indianapolis, IN. Not only is this festival for a great cause being a cancer benefit, but Fuel is the only band on the bill that I have seen before so it will be a great day of new music for me.

Back to Filter. Formed in 1993 and based out of Cleveland, this band has never stopped making music and has only gotten better with age. Known for being a main contributor on soundtrack albums, Filter has always kept their sound fresh and while some of their songs touch on heavy subjects, it has never hit that depressing note. Their latest CD released in June of 2013, The Sun Comes Out Tonight is a testament to their ability to put out a great album. It was produced by Bob Marlette, whose credits include Seether, Black Stone Cherry, and Alice Cooper. I have spent the last week or so listening in preparation of the festival and have found a few tracks like "Burn It" and "It's Just You" that I know are going to end up on my everyday playlist.

Even with several lineup changes, this band has managed to stay solid and put out good music. They actually launched an indie GoGo campaign for their tour which is rare as usually bands use it for albums not for tours but the reasoning was simple. It enabled the band to appeal to and play in markets that they may not have been able to reach without it. Singer Richard Patrick stated in a previous interview that they have never been a massive band overseas, just primarily had exposure in the US and Europe so he felt that now was the time to change that.

That being said, I am super excited to see these guys for the first time and rock out to some old favorites as well as some new jams. Stay tuned for the review of the show!

For more information on the Indypendence Day Festival go to Filter takes the stage at 8:15. For more information on Filter, check out their Facebook page at and to get their new album click here