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Filoni talks Star Wars Rebels

Dave Filoni  wiins Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program
Dave Filoni wiins Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Star Wars: Rebels will be paramount for Star Wars fans because it will be their first look at the Star Wars universe under the direction of Disney. Ever since George Lucas sold his immensely successful franchise to Disney in October of 2012, fans have been eager to see what direction the saga will take. Many fans have met the change in ownership with cautiousness and trepidation. Recently, Dave Filoni sat down with the Los Angeles Times to discuss the bearing Star Wars is heading for.

Filoni found the notion that the franchise would become unrecognizable “fascinating.” Filoni elaborated by saying, "The same team of people in lead roles making 'Clone Wars' is going to be responsible for making 'Rebels.’ Not many people seem to have grasped that. To me, there aren't as many differences as people thought as far as the people making these shows." As executive producer of ‘Rebels,’ Filoni is in an ideal role to gauge the current status of the franchise. He went on to elaborate on where fans can expect ‘Rebels’ to go.

‘Rebels’ will harken back to the feel of the Original Trilogy films with fast-paced storytelling. The show will be “on a more human level,” explains Filoni. We won’t be seeing political intrigue, numerous lightsaber battles, or overuse of the Force that were heavily featured in the Prequel Trilogy. "I think that we all agree what we liked about the Force in the original films was it was a less-is-more scenario," he continues. It seems the fandom will receive a more “telling” than “showing” experience when it comes to the galactic aspects of the universe.

Dave Filoni also touched on earlier comments that the show would rely heavily on inspiration from Ralph McQuarrie’s artwork from the Original Trilogy. In addition, it appears the art director of ‘Rebels’ (Kilian Plunkett) will be drawing from the work of Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese film animator of critical acclaim. “I know that Kathy is a very big fan of Miyazaki, so I told Kilian Plunkett to look at his designs and what makes them so iconic and memorable," Filinoi articulated. "The biggest thing is you want older fans to watch and say, 'Wow that looks like "Star Wars,"' and I want the younger fans who have never experienced it before.”

Filoni wrapped up the conversation by talking about his dedication to the franchise, having overseen around 46 hours of content of Star Wars. He has worked closely with George Lucas himself, along with Kathleen Kennedy. It is an exciting time for the fandom and Filoni states that even though the people in charge of Star Wars may change, the Star Wars fandom doesn’t. You can read the full interview at this link. (Alex Rybak contributed to this article)

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