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"Films on Tap" brings drinking games to the Sie FilmCenter!

The Denver Film Society presents "Films on Tap" at the Sie FilmCenter
The Denver Film Society presents "Films on Tap" at the Sie FilmCenter

After the cultural black hole known as February, the Sie FilmCenter in Denver is finally heating up the proceedings with a number of new series that will be highlighted throughout Spring by yours truly. First up is the Denver Film Society's "Films on Tap" series, which embraces the ingenious idea of bringing movie-based drinking games to the Sie FilmCenter, all while of course taking appropriate advantage of their full drinking bar in the process.

Playing host to diverse movies ranging from Harry Potter and Showgirls (boy, that must've been a doozy), "Films on Tap" have "tapped" the entertaining hijinks of Dean Parisot's (Fun with Dick and Jane, Home Fries, Red 2) Galaxy Quest, a crowd-pleasing sci-fi Star Trek parody boasting the Aliens-dominatrix herself, Sigourney Weaver, along with a strong supporting cast consisting of Tim Allen, Allen Rickman, Sam Rockwell and others.

Of course, discussing the finer points of this film's craft is hardly the purpose of "Films on Tap," which plans on hosting scores of drink specials from Breckenridge Breweries, from whom the first 50 guests can plan on enjoying complimentary drinks. According to ticketing and info source,, the drinking rules shall be as random and carefree as you could expect in your best pal's living room, listing important plot points such as: "Sigourney Weaver's cleavage is featured, Tony Shalhoub acts like he's really high, Sigourney Weaver repeats what the computer just said, the aliens laugh," etc., as examples of what constitutes a good reason to get drunk in Denver's coolest theater setting.

If this sounds like fun than it surely will be, so come and bring your friends over to the Sie FilmCenter on Friday, March 14th, and consider maybe splurging for a cab ride home!