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Filmmaker releases first LGBT PSA for China

Filmmaker Quentin Lee ("White Frog" and "The People I've Slept With") released his fictional short film “Wedding Plan,” as the first LGBT PSA for China last month on the non-profit Chinese LGBT website

Wedding Plan poster
Wedding Plan poster

The PSA set in China features a young couple planning to get married but with a twist.

“When I was working in China [early last] year, I took the subway in Beijing every day and I saw people glued to their mobile devices watching content. I just thought it would be great to make a short web PSA for mobile devices to empower LGBT people in China.” said Lee.

Teaming up with local Chinese activist, actor and filmmaker Xiaogang Wei, founder of China’s first AIDS Walk, who just won a Vanguard Award from the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, Lee made the first LGBT PSA about “being yourself” against society’s conservative pressures.

“One of my Beijing lesbian friends told me that she was about to get married with a gay man because she wanted to get her parents off her back,” said Lee “And I was immediately inspired to do something about how young Chinese people, LGBT and beyond, are pressured to get married which is a really hot issue right now. I chose the short fictional PSA format because it’s the best way to get the message out to Chinese audience on the web. The Chinese government is still relaxed on short film production. As all LGBT content is potentially subject to being banned in China, it’s a challenge to do something that talks about LGBT issues while being acceptable.”

Utilizing a volunteer cast and crew, Lee wrote, directed and edited the piece with Xiaogang as producer and appearing as one of the actors.

“I’m grateful to everyone involved from actors to crew that made this little film happen,” said Lee. “And we hope everyone can strive to be himself or herself everywhere in the world.”

“Wedding Plan” was released worldwide on 12/18/13 on Xiaogang’s own non-profit website and other free streaming outlets worldwide.

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