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Filmmaker profile - Spencer Parsons

Spencer Parsons is an assistant professor in Northwestern University's Radio/TV/Film program. His most recent feature, "Saturday Morning Massacre" was released last summer by XLRator Media and his previous feature, “I’ll Come Running” is available from IFC on DVD and on demand at iTunes and SundanceNow.

How did you get involved with Chicago’s film scene?
I knew some Chicago filmmakers like Joe and Kris Swanberg and Frank Ross. So it was really nice to move to a place where I knew a few people already, especially folks whose work I really admire.

What do you think Chicago’s film climate will be like in a few years?
Hard to say. I think Chicago actually has a larger population of potential investors than a lot of other cities...If some of the current excitement about Hollywood-produced TV shows and feature films here can rub off on investors, so that they will put money into locally generated productions, that could really push things along... I think there's some movement in that direction, but the stakes are really high.

Any Chicago filmmakers we should keep our eye on?
Frank V. Ross... I think his next couple of productions are likely to combine the difficult subject matter he's been working, with talented and recognizable actors who can help take his films to a larger audience.

What has been your favorite film-related experience since coming to Chicago?
Shooting my latest movie. Hands down.

What projects are you working on right now?
I've got another feature in the works --sort of art-horror--and I'm hoping to get a TV series off the ground, a gnarly, exploitation-style series...based on real-life mayhem and murder. The feature is more likely to be a true Chicago-based-and-financed production, but it would be great if the TV series could be based here.

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