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Filming with Ingles Markets on several new projects!

A happy Labor Day to everyone is in order - and avoidance of work at all costs. After all, that’s what the day is about! Unless you are here at our inn (drat), we are open and working and welcoming in busy Labor Day travelers from all over the world.

Swordfish on Jasmine Rice with Polynesian Salsa.
Mike Berlin
The three Chefs whip up quite a few dishes with Ingles Markets
Mike Berlin

We have had a full house every day with ten guests each morning for breakfast! Last Sunday, everyone was so excited to dine with Mike and Ann Berlin, Chris Bainbridge and Mark Terwilliger of BClip Productions. They were here at the Inn shooting for Ingles Markets and we were so blessed to be introduced and hired by the Ingles Markets family via Leah McGrath, the Ingles Dietitian.

You’ll be seeing those videos very soon at Ingles Markets and at Ingles Table – click either of those links to go directly to the sites. Navigate to Ingles Table in the near future and begin to look for us!

One of the most exciting things we shared and enjoyed was having Ann Berlin help us to cook and prepare many of the items. I don’t know how we would have kept up! Our other Chefs, Johnsie and Kim, were here cooking all morning for the guests and crew to kick off the day, before we moved into our first dish of Sicilian style pizza. Sometimes this, “pie,” is called a Chicago Style or, “deep dish.” Naturally, baby Chef Rania Isabella got jealous when she found out we were cooking and started with the cries of, "I want to cook too!" As everyone knows, she was in her first movie at three weeks old and on TV at five weeks old. At three, she has been cooking at events raising money for charity - rolling pizza dough’s and making pasta by hand. Can you tweet #youngestbabychefintheworld (lol)?

I am pretty sure she is the youngest Chef on TV...

What was fun was showcasing several wonderful items from Italy, like Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, grated on top of the pie! After my recent articles on The Destruction of Italy and Part II: How to destroy Italy - Parte Seconda: Come distruggere l'Italia, I received positive feedback across the world - in appreciation for knowing what is going on.

What’s important today, for you my 25,000+ fans and readers, is to know that Ingles Markets supports and sells a tasty variety of 1. American made cheeses and products - as well as, 2. local, sustainable farmers from the region like we all enjoy at local Farmer's Markets and, 3. the historic favorites that have become famous worldwide – like Parmigiano Reggiano #MadeinItaly #ProductofItaly. You can’t beat it when a wonderful market sells from all three categories. You win and get all of your favorites! Be sure to consider switching your shopping completely over to Ingles - we did many years ago and they have a terrific gas program that allows us to earn points. I like to fill up for 50 to 60 cents off per gallon (up to 20 gallons maximum)!

As many of you well know, we have been working with ITZ Productions from Naples, Florida and they did come here for two days to film a promotional, "sizzle reel." This is for a proposed television series called, All the Presidents' Menus, that so many of you have been watching, hoping, sharing (keep sharing) and can be viewed at

They did a terrific job and were extremely fun to work with! The Producers, Jeremy and Frank, were very nice to everyone in our county and spent a lot of time visiting our local farm with Jason Rhodes at Rhodesdale Farm, Ni Fen and Jimmy Wellman at Ni Fen Restaurant and Charles and Ann Edwards at Baker Buffalo Creek Winery. In filming the series locally, we also would like to film at our butcher with Pastor Ervin Price at Broad River Hams - Ora Supermarket.

Again, as I sign off for today, happy Labor Day!

Chef Marti

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