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Filming 'Southern Lifestyle' in the Low Country

Casting all singles, who are ready to mingle! This week, beginning June 05, Voltron Production Studios, and GAS, LLC, will be filming on site in the Hilton head Island, South Carolina Low Country, for what appears as the next reality show to hit television.

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

"We are presently in development, and will be filming two pilots, over the next few weeks here in the Savannah and Hilton Head Island area."- Shares CEO, Antoine Watkins of Voltron Productions.

"The Southern Lifestyle, is a docudrama presently in development, that will be trailing the lives of a selected few low country residents, their daily lives of interaction and mingling." - Casting director Mari shared.

While details surrounding the show were pretty tight-lipped, production assistant Ana R. Chaverri de Solares Iglesias, a long time resident of the area, informed us that "the show will shed light on what many call tabu, it's a lifestyle for thousands upon thousands of people."

Watkins, along with his partner Chaverri de Solares Iglesias, are no strangers when it comes to tabu television, with their Latin Film Award winning documentary, of the Mexican Cartel and Cock-mules, in which Ana almost lost her life during the filming over a simply accepting a 'Cerveza' from the now deceased Mexican drug trafficking organization, and Cockfighting Ring leader, José Luis Miguel Ángel Francisco Gutierrez, who used Cocks as drug mules across the Mexican border. The documentary, never was aired in America, for fear of the crews lives and that of their families. Yet, still managed to win four Latin Film Awards in the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Costa Rica.

So if your out & about this weekend in the Low Country, as summer officially begins, keep your eye out for the cameras.

Those looking to audition, or seeking more info:

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