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Filming and photo leaks: the Man of Steel sequel

The new Batsuit?
The new Batsuit?

There are so many rumors going around about the Man of Steel sequel. The one thing we know for sure is that they start filming this April. We also know the location of the filming and that is in Detroit, Michigan. Permits have been filed to make a temporary structure in the abandoned Girl Scout campground in nearby Metamora Township. Sorry Batman, no Girl Scout cookies for you. So we can look forward to there being some snow and cold weather in the new movie. Poor Ben Affleck better hope that batsuit is really warm. Temperatures will be around 40 and 50 degrees with chances of snow. Superman should be used to it right? The Fortress of Solitude is made of ice.
Speaking of the Batsuit, two photos were leaked over the weekend. One, a black and white cropped picture just featuring the mask has been called a fake by Mark Hughes. The second photo looks like a photo taken while on set. No one is saying anything about this one. If it is real, which I'm kinda hoping it is, it seems the costume designer is taking some tips from Jim Lee's New 52 Batman. In the picture we see the cowl has shorter ears and white out eyes. I have to say I'm a fan of the white out eyes. No one is suppose to know who Batman really is, so wouldn't that be easier if we couldn't see his eyes.
What do you think of the the Batsuit? Are you hoping this picture is real, if not why?