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Film to digital to Lytro

Images of the new Lytro camera.
Images of the new Lytro camera.

It may very well be the next best technology invented since the advent of digital cameras... the new Lytro camera.

Sensational new light technology.

While this little camera is small; a mere 1.6 square mm and 41 mm long and weighing in at an insignificant 7.5 oz, it packs a technology that will have your photography head spinning.

So what's the big deal?

With just a click of the button, the technology used in the Lytro camera gives this little aluminum beauty the ability to capture all the light fields crossing the path of the image you're taking, as opposed to a single light field from its potential digital camera predecessor.

Being able to do this allows you to focus your picture after taking your image - and if you're unsatisfied with a certain focus in your image, then simply go ahead and change it - boom - just like that! You can assign your focus anywhere in your image at any time.

How do they do this you ask?

The secret lies in the light field. With a large F2 aperture making way for the light field, the Lytro Field Engine 1.0 processes the data from the light, sending it to a complex array of small lenses making up the sensor; doing a beautiful job of capturing 11 million light rays!

Capturing all this light, processing this and adding your magic touch to focus your image is the genius inside this little camera.

So what will you be missing?

Perhaps the buzzing sound of the auto-focus motor, the creeping lenses in low light and probably a little shutter delay... but we think you'll get over it real quick!


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