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Film Score Monthly releases deluxe edition of John Barry's 'King Kong'

Long live the King!

FSM's King Kong - Deluxe Edition
Film Score Monthly

Film Score Monthly made John Barry fans very happy yesterday with their release of a deluxe 2 CD edition of the soundtrack to the 1976 film King Kong.

John Barry typically scored the emotional heart of a film, and King Kong was no different. Barry used lush orchestrations and romantic melodies to speak to the "beauty and the beast" love affair at the film's center. It's another winning entry in Barry's long career.

From their press release:

FSM released the 1976 Reprise Records album master of King Kong in 2005 when no additional material was available. But now, with the cooperation of Paramount Pictures, we are able to premiere John Barry’s complete score newly mixed and mastered from the 2" 24- and 16-track masters on the first disc of this 2CD Deluxe Edition. We again present the album master on disc 2, augmenting it with several film alternates to make this the most complete possible representation of Barry’s effort.

Informative notes by John Takis, numerous film stills and dynamic original poster art comprise FSM’s colorful 20-page booklet.


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