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Film review: Green Zone


Green Zone (2010)

Matt Damon has become one of the most politically active actors in Hollywood so you know a film about Iraq with him in the lead role is going to have a strong message. This is of course the case with Green Zone. Damon plays Chief Roy Miller, a US Army WMD specialist whose unit scours Baghdad for the weapons in the opening weeks of the current Iraq war. Paul Greengrass, who did the last two Bourne films with Damon, directed this, and like Bourne Ultimatum, Green Zone has much of the shaky handheld camera work that makes the film a bit difficult to watch at times. Not recommended if you suffer from motion sickness. That being said, it was a good but not exceptional film. Basically, Miller finds out he is on a wild goose chase to find the WMDs and once he discovers that the whole reason for the invasion is basically bogus, he decides to do something about it. Also, while the characters are fictional, I think the film effectively highlights much of "what went wrong" with the handling of the war by the Bush administration.

I like Brendan Gleason (he plays a CIA officer here) but I thought his accent was horrible here which threw off his whole performance. Damon, Kinnear and others give good performances but I thought the film's message was a bit too blatant and redundant. That being said, the film puts the lie to those who would accuse the war criticizers or skeptics of not "supporting the troops." If anything, it's a condemnation of those who callously put our heroic men and women in harm's way for the sake of achieving their own political purposes. And it's entertaining to boot. 7 out of 10.

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