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Film remake of anime classic 'Evangelion' in striking distance


Copyright khara, Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.

In a world left ravaged by a supernatural event called Second Impact, the organization NERV seeks to defend Tokyo-3 from large terrifying alien creatures known as "Angels." "Evangelion 1.0: YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE" follows 14-year-old Shinji Ikari, who is asked by his father to come work for him at NERV.  What the timid Shinji doesn't know, but finds out very quickly, is that his father intends to put him out on the front lines in the cockpit of a strange giant robot... alone, if necessary.

Earlier this year, the English version of this first installment of the four-film, big-screen re-imagining of the groundbreaking 1994 anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion" started showing at select conventions and theaters on the east and west coasts and across Canada.  However, new showings have been added to the movie's schedule, and a couple are a day trip away!

The Little Art Theater in Yellow Springs, OH will be showing the film next weekend, September 11-13. Showtimes will be at 11:00 pm Friday and 4:30 pm Saturday and Sunday. Ticket prices are $7.50 on Friday ($6.50 for children 12 and under and seniors) and $6.00 for all patrons the rest of the weekend. You can not advance purchase the tickets online.

Beginning Friday, September 18th, the film will begin a week-long engagement at the Emagine Novi theater in Detroit, MI.  The times are not currently available, but there is an information page for the film.

You can view the English-language trailer and find more information about the film at FUNimation's Evangelion 1.0 site.