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Film producer to take "Betty & Veronica" around the world

Tumblr is going to adore this.
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Film producer Michael Uslan is typically known for being one of the men behind the production of every "Batman" film which has hit the silver screen since 1989 as well as a general DC Comics connected fellow. Besides producing almost all of Batman's films (including the animated "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm"), he's produced the two "Swamp Thing" films (and the TV series) as well as "Catwoman" and other DC Entertainment film efforts. His credits also include creating the producing the 1980's cartoon series "Dinosaucers" and the 1990's animated series, "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?" Yet before all that he was a comic book writer in the mid-1970's, and he's recently been returning to his roots.

His biggest story was the six part "Archie marries Veronica" story from 2009, which saw "Archie Comics" crack the top of the comic sales charts for the first time in decades and spawned a successful spin off magazine, "Life with Archie". As revealed to Comic Book Resources earlier this afternoon, Michael Uslan will return to Archie Comics' for a year long run on the title character's long running spin off series, "Betty & Veronica". Following the line wide credo by Archie Comics CEO Jonathan Goldwater, Uslan's intention for his run "was about shaking up the dynamics in Riverdale and pushing the envelope a little bit. We wanted to do something that could impact Betty, Veronica and all the characters in a new way". To this end, he wil have the titular heroines leave Riverdale for a foreign exchange student program and explore other countries, as well as life without fighting over Archie. This places the iconic heroines in new locations as well as gives Uslan a chance to depict the rest of the cast's reactions to losing them as Riverdale fixtures for a while. Uslan also promises two new characters who will naturally be part of the exchange to Riverdale; a girl from India and a girl from France.

The artist for the series will be Dan Parent, who writes and/or draws many of the other comics throughout the line, such as "Archie Comics" and "Kevin Keller" (who he also created). Although not a permanent thing or a "crossover", the effects of this storyline will bleed into some of the other comics throughout the line. The story begins in this month's 272nd issue, and one wonders how much it will spike sales for the long running publisher. While Archie himself was created in 1941, it is easy to forget that his iconic leading ladies have been featured in their own spin off comic since 1950 (when it was called, "Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica"). The spin-off was relaunched in 1987 with a fresh number one issue and dropping "Archie's Girls" from the title for the sake of progress. Now for the first time, the girls will be apart from Archie and living some life on their own, which continues the bold choices "Archie Comics" has made lately.

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