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Film incentives bill heads to the House tomorrow- take action today

HB 12-1286, the film incentives bill, heads to the House Finance Committee tomorrow, Wed., February 29th. The finance committee is one of the toughest hurdles that bill will have to overcome before it becomes law. Everyone who works in the film industry in Colorado, or who hopes to work in the film industry, should contact their Representative about this important bill. If your representative sits on the House Finance Committee, then they need to hear from you today. See the list of finance committee members here.

Instructions on how to find your Representative and their contact information can be found at the Colorado Film Incentives Campaign website. Go there today and get involved.

According to the CINEMA Colorado website, Denver residents especially need to call and email District 1 Representative Jeanne Labuda at 303-866-2966 or, who may not support the bill. In your communications, be sure to stress how this bill will affect you personally.

Please spread the word about this important development.


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