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Film Fest Favorite "Lilting" Will Win Over Outfest Fans Today For Sure

Hong Khaou delighted me at our meeting at the Hotel Mark Twain.
Hong Khaou delighted me at our meeting at the Hotel Mark Twain.

One of the best GLBT film’s of the year, “Lilting” is making its final film festival rounds today with its screening at Outfest.

Through my friends at Progressive Pulse, I caught up with "Lilting" director Hong Khaou to discuss his well received film that will be playing at theatres and VOD on Aug. 8.

While the film festival darling has been winning audiences over since Sundance, Khaou shares with us the more personal impact the movie has had on his own life.

Check out our interview and see how Khaou is able to mix fact and fiction in a compelling narrative feature of a young man who is too late to tell his mother he is gay, leaving her to piece together a portrait of a son she never completely knew while finding comfort from a man who doesn't even speak the same language.

In fact, communication and language are keys to unlock many of the puzzles within "Lilting." Khaou makes that a strong point in his film especially since the Asian community often adopts a "don't ask don't tell" position when dealing with homosexuality within their own family.

While most stories - whether biographical or not - are often based upon our own life experiences, Khaou shares with the truth to his story and what was added for cinematic effect

Click on this link for my on-camera interview with the charming Khaou:

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