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Film clip for 'Robocop' reveals Alex Murphy conducting a field test

According to Cinema Blend on Jan. 15, Joel Kinnaman, the main star who plays Alex Murphy in "Robocop", is seen partaking in a field test against 54 mechanized threats in a recently released clip. It appears that the hero is pretty much being targeted from all directions including elevated locations.

Joel Kinnaman stars in Sony Pictures' 'Robocop'
Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

Gary Oldman, who plays Dr. Dennett Norton, tells Murphy of his situation and what he's up against. The opposing forces' main objective is to attempt to take out Murphy as living character Mattox, played by Jackie Earle Haley, attempts to get a clean shot at him. There seems to be some serious strategy that is involved here, so this could foreshadow what sort of challenges may be in store for Robocop.

There are consequences if he does get shot. He will be accompanied and will feel nothing but pain beyond his wildest dreams. Life support would kick in of course, but Alex mentions he has already been through a lot of pain and the consequences of that situation is what led him to becoming Robocop.

"Robocop" opens in theaters on Feb. 12.

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