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Filling the hole in your soul (inspired by Robin Williams suicide)

There is a spiritual deficit in this country which has nothing to do with religion and is more about people not realizing how important it is to seek purpose in life, be self aware, understand how to be sensitive and empathetic toward others, and a participant in life beyond what is materialistic and external. As a nation we have an obligation to become unified in regard to a global epidemic. That epidemic is the void people have in their lives that cannot be filled with money or possessions.

Robin Williams is a perfect example of why alcoholism and addiction should be treated like the disease it is
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Too often people (you and I) try to camouflage reality by living lifestyles that project a certain image as opposed to living life for the sanctity of your souls. There is a tendency to follow the trend of what the media has portrayed which results in people purchasing beyond their means, trying to look a certain way, projecting a lifestyle they truly do not live, or at its worst turning to alcohol and drugs to fill an almost unfillable void that exists in life.

Searching beyond external solutions is what is necessary and working toward improving who you are on the inside is the goal. This process can be daunting but worth the effort in the end. Money, power, or material possessions may impress the people around you but plays no part in true happiness (the loss of Robin Williams wholeheartedly proves that point). Happiness is something found within and cannot be filled with more money or things.

Depression, alcoholism, or addiction are just symptoms of a greater problem which are used to mask the feelings you feel when you have an emptiness in your heart or hole in your soul. A person's life may seem picture perfect on the outside while vices or demons can take over a person's mind when they are alone and only have themselves to contend with. If the people experiencing these issues were treated like they had a disease as opposed to social lepers this would allow them a better chance to seek out help from friends and family.

Having a lot of money or even having great success is no substitute for happiness so what can you do to begin the process of moving toward filling the hole in your soul? The first step is to put things in perspective. Its great to have money. You need that to survive (the more the merrier) but put it in its place. Its not the end all be all to happiness. Success can seem like something that would make you happy but once you have it, now what? The true challenge is finding purpose in your life which comes from becoming more in tune with who you are spiritually.

A spiritual belief can take on many forms. Its up to each individual to choose what kind of spirituality you want to have. That is the beauty of 'free will'. God (if you believe in a higher being) created free will to give each and every human being the opportunity to seek out what they feel is the truth about life and why they are here. That journey may lead you to Buddhism, Jah Love, Jesus, or whatever seems to speak to your heart and fill that void you have in your soul.

Its important to find something because without spirituality there is just the external existence which proves, more often than not, unfulfilling. The best first step is to ask a friend who has found a way to channel their spiritual energy in a certain direction and learn more about what they've found within it to find their happiness. Most people have something they believe in (if you don't believe in something you will fall for anything) and just start there.

There is no one solution for all so the best part is learning what you will gravitate to and where that journey will take you. Remember that as a species there is a hole in your soul for a reason and there is a master plan at work here. If you ask me, God wanted you to find him on your own and when you do He will transform your life. How you get there is all up to you.

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