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Filling holes at Homeland Security

A story in the Washington Post this morning says that moral is low at Homeland Security, and one reason is that leadership positions have not been filled. As a point of context, a Republican leader commented on Fox News yesterday that it is better at the Defense department to increase funding for troops than to have thousands of excess admirals and generals.

Jeh Johnson and moral at DHS

If we are trying to downsize, how about leaning down the leadership positions?

Right sizing and right staffing is what executive responsibility is all about. In the American Political System that is made more difficult because all of the executive appointments must be approved by the Senate. The confirmation process has gotten bogged down, and Obama has not kept pace in making appointments.

“Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has promised to help President Obama find nominees for the open slots since taking office in December. At that point, the White House still had not named permanent leaders for 18 of DHS’s top 48 positions — they were either vacant or filled by acting officials.

Obama has named no additional DHS nominees since Johnson took office, but the Senate plays a partial role in allowing of the remaining gaps to linger. Six of the president’s picks dating back to last summer are still pending confirmation.”

Let's make something clear. All positions in the executive branch should be filled early in the first term and people in those positions should be expected to serve a minimum of four years, or one term. Great ones should be recruited to stay for two terms. That way, Americans get a high return on cost and stability in government. What is wrong with that thought?

The moral of Americans is low because government is dysfunctional.

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