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Fill Their First College Care Package with Love

Congratulations, class is officially in session for your college freshman! The dorm room essentials are neatly put away, the room is fully decorated and you’ve returned home to a less crowded house (you get extra cool points if you did all of this without causing a dramatic scene while saying your goodbyes).

So what’s next? Like clockwork, your college kid will likely be calling you in a few days for a care package to refill their must-have items. The new-found freedom, late night study sessions and desire to do well can wreak havoc on your freshman’s mind, body, and spirit. So, keep this in mind when putting together their care package. It gives you the perfect opportunity to add a little something extra to help avoid the “Freshman 15” and other first year pitfalls.

Here are a few tips and tools to consider before you send off that first care package and to keep in mind for packages to come (trust me, there will be lots and lots).

Music for a Healthy Mind

Send an iTunes gift card for your college newbie to download music. While we hope little Johnny is using this to download brain games, but honestly, research shows that music plays a tremendous role in the ability of the brain to focus and be highly productive. Let the music play.

Mini Fridge Treats for a Healthy Body

You’ll certainly get the best ‘dorm mom’ award when you stock the room with late night, snack-worthy bars; even the 90 calorie kind with chocolate chips get smiles. Be sure to include salty/crunchy snacks like popcorn and, of course, the occasional home-baked goody. And let’s not forget beverages. Since drinks can weigh down a care package, include a gift certificate for your teen to hit the grocery store to pick up their favorite drinks like the Coca-Cola mini cans, perfectly portioned to fit in their fridge and their diet.

Words for a Healthy Spirit

A little bit of encouragement goes a long way. Include a daily inspiration calendar, a motivational poster or maybe even something to keep on their keychain to remind them of their focus. Sophomore year will be here before you know it, so get them focused now!

Even though your child has left home, adding a touch of love into that care package can give them a healthy start as they enter into this new and exciting chapter of their lives.

Amia Freeman is the founder and owner of inneractive FITCLUB, a faith based fitness organization that is actively involved in developing community health and wellness initiatives throughout the Atlanta area. As a wife and mother of three, her mission is to help clients realize their potential in order to be victorious in their daily lives. Her certifications include Group Fitness, Pre/Post Natal Fitness, Strength Training for Women and Personal Trainer. Amia is also a consultant to the food and beverage industry, including The Coca-Cola Company, though the opinions expressed are her own. Amia has more than ten years of experience, including being featured as a fitness consultant and guest speaker on a variety of nationally broadcasted shows, websites, print publications and forums including the Food Network, Radio One, and Oxygen Magazine's website.

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