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2014 Winter Olympics

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Filipino Audrey Alcaraz to give Olympics Closing Ceremony performance (video)

Audrey Alcaraz, a 13-year-old figure skater, got a free trip to Sochi thanks to the South Korean government. Bustle reported on Friday, that the talented figure skater will be part of the Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony and she has to be extraordinarily excited. According to Hollywood Life, millions of people are expected to tune into the Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony and plans are being made to watch the live stream too.

Who is Audrey Alcaraz? She is a Filipino athlete who apparently is getting a chance to show her passion to the world. Offered a very unique opportunity, the figure skater has confirmed she is hanging around for the closing ceremony to give the fans a show. Exactly what she will be doing in the program and when she will be seen haven’t been revealed. Hopefully the world will notice when she arrived on the international stage.

During the Closing Ceremony, expected to be near the time the Russia passes on the hosting of the 2018 games to South Korea, the fans will see the figure skater from the Philippines. Proud to be part of one of the biggest spectacles of the world, it appears the youngster doesn’t even know she is going to be famous once her face is showing to the world

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