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Figma SP-020 Misaka Action Figure

In 'A Certain Magical Index,' and 'A Certain Scientific Railgun' animes, there is a large group of recurring characters called Misakas. They are military clones of Misaka Mikoto, the titular Railgun, and there were 20000 made in order to train the powerful psychic Accelerator in order to advance him to the theorized level 6.

The packaging itself has a pretty cool design, with the front showing an army of Misakas like the scene where they all take turns talking to Toma.

But enough backstory, on with the toy! Figma SP-020 was a limited edition action figure made of the Project Radio Noise Misakas. It could, I suppose, represent any of the Misakas, but I like to think it is Misaka 10032, the somewhat lovelorn, oldest surviving Misaka who tries to act as the protective older sister to all of the other clones. Because she's the coolest.

In toy form, she's pretty amazing. I had always heard collectors complain about how fragile these were, and while I did not find that to be entirely accurate, it is true that swapping the interchangeable faces and hands was a bit nerve wracking. The goggles on the hair pieces, for instance, are not glued in place and can come off (in fact they typically DO come off when swapping the hair). If not carefully done, the piece can detach and go skittering across the floor, never to be seen again! All of the paint applications were perfect, except for her replacement face, where the color on the mouth was very light.

Because I know someone will ask, the skirt is made of a soft plastic, and does not get in the way of the leg articulation. Additionally, her lower torso is jointed separately under the skirt. Just the way Toma and Accelerator saw it. And no, I'm not taking a picture of it.

Misaka comes with several of her trademark accessories; the goggles (both up and down), the Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle, the Academy City assault rifle with grenade launcher, and a coil of lightning to wrap around her arm. Also, a base, which posed some problems in this example, as the peg was a bit too tight of a fit for the hole in her back.

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