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Figma 136 - Satonaka Chie

Satonaka Chie is one of the main party characters in the Persona 4 role playing video game, as well as a main protagonist in the anime of the same name. Forgoing weaponry or special magical abilities, Chie is a physical combat bruiser that keeps the weaker members alive early on in the game. Famous for her love of Kung Fu, Justice, and red meat, Chie is one of the most fun heroines in anime, and a very welcome addition to the Figma line.

Chie with her rad Kung Fu. Attaching the kick effect requires removing her foot, a nerve racking proposition.
Chie with her 'Shadow' face installed

In Figma format, Chie makes an interesting, if uninspired design. Her skirt and torso part of her jacket are one piece of softer plastic which is attached to the body by vest like shoulder pieces which connect in the back. It does a nice job of looking seamless while giving a real impression of her outerwear being on the outside. Little details such as her bike shorts as well as her track jacket buttons being molded right on are impressive as well.

Chie comes with three faces total, a cheerful, a shouting (for Kung Fu!), and an evil 'Shadow Chie' face. She also comes with an extra hair pice with slots to include one of 3 different sets of glasses; with lenses, without lenses (presumably to reduce glare for photography?), as well as a set of nose and mustache joke glasses. She also comes with a green 'kick effect' and a set of different hands. The hand swaps seem less useful in this instance than other Figma releases.

Final Verdict? It is a terrific figure, and one of my favorite anime characters. Chie is put together well, and cleverly designed. I would have loved for her to have more accessories, such as a beef bowl, or the fluffy muffler she gives to Narukami. An embarassed face like the one that comes with Yukiko would have been welcome as well. Still, Chie is a girl who needs very little accessorizing, so this is not a big deal.