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Figma 130 - Phantasmoon

This figure has a complicated backstory. Phantasmoon is a spoof magical girl, which is itself a spoof inside Carnival Phantasm, a spoof series by Type-Moon featuring the cast of Tsukihime and Fate. Phantasmoon is the alter ego of Arcueid the vampire (the titular 'Moon Princess,' the literal translation of Tsukihime). The irony of a tragic and terrible vampire as the Magical Girl protagonist of a show within a show making fun of a third show is almost painful. But, it works.

"Shiki...go long!"I would never be forgiven if I didn't include her posed as throwing the Tofu.

Since this is the only figure available (as far as I know) of any character from Tsukihime, I rather enjoy looking at it in the light of representing Arcueid, instead of solely as Phantasmoon. Fortunately, she comes with some fun accessories that reinforce her connection to the original franchise, such as bats, and Ma-Po Tofu (which I think rather looks like Curry, which is more appropriate, given Ciel's...fondness for the dish).

As far as the figure goes, it is, without a doubt, the most problem free figma I have ever encountered. All of the parts swap cleanly and easily, she has a ton of hands, a good assortment of accessories, and her joints are smooth and secure. The only problem is her coloring. I feel like Arcueid's hair should be a paler blond, and her eyes should be more red than brown. Nitpicking, sure, but needed to be said.

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