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Fighting weight gain at 50+

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As each decade goes by, the pounds keep piling up. And, metabolism slows. Read on for some tips to jump start your metabolism.

As we age, we have less energy to feel like exercising, have put on pounds over the years, and seem to be unable to stop the continued gain and/or lose those pounds that make us feel awful. Yet, that nagging voice inside tells us not to give up. Our health and quality of life is at stake. What could be a more important reason to persevere?

Are you frustrated, because you eat a healthy diet, and do some moderate exercise, yet don't lose and perhaps continue to slowing gain weight?

We need commitment to succeed. Commitment to our health, commitment to quality of life, commitment to looking and feeling good. We don't need to be perfect, we don't need to reach our perfect goal weight. But, we need to reach that zone where we are happy with ourselves, where that inner voice does not continue to nag away at our self esteem.

As the New Year begins, commit to a simple, two step plan:

  1. Reduce calorie intake: chose a sound diet plan with lots of healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, high fiber, high protein, and nutrient rich foods.
  2. Exercise 5 days per week: get a heart rate monitor watch, and after warming up to reach your maximum age rated heart rate (132 for me at age 55) - maintain that rate for a 20 minute duration. If at first you cannot do this for 20 minutes, no worries! Shoot for 5 or 10 minutes at first. Each day, add a minute or 2.

Following this plan will jump start your metabolism, and you will finally start to see your scales move.


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