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Fighting the Flu this winter season

Keeping the flu out of your home is an on-going battle each winter season.
Keeping the flu out of your home is an on-going battle each winter season.

Unfortunately many Calgary families have already experienced the effects of the flu on their family members. There are many steps you can take in order to protect yourself and your children if you have yet to have an outbreak in your home or do not wish for it to return this year.

Getting a flu shot can drastically cut down on the chances of you contracting the flu bug or even cutting back the amount of time and severity of flu systems if you do catch the flu. There are several flu clinics in Calgary that you can attend for free in order to get yourself and your children immunized before it's too late.

Cleaning common items such as door knobs, counter tops and even handles and light switches can greatly reduce the amount of viruses in your home. We can come into contact with many different viruses over the course of a day and bring them home, only to touch items that will sustain it and enable all family members to contract the flu bug.

Opt for a healthy diet to boost your immunity. Typically those individuals who are tired and rundown or do not get their daily requirement of vitamins and minerals put themselves at risk for contracting a virus. The following foods can help boost your immune system and keep the flu virus at bay:

  • mushrooms: contains selenium and beta glucan
  • fresh garlic: contains phytochemical allicin
  • wild salmon: contains vitamin D
  • tea: contains catechins and theanine
  • yoghurt: contains active probiotic and prebiotic cultures
  • cocoa: supports T-helper cells
  • oysters: contains zinc
  • almonds: contains antioxidant vitamin E
  • strawberries: contains vitamin C
  • sweet potato and other orange foods: contains beta-carotene

If you are diligent on washing your hands, getting immunized and following a healthy diet you can help your family avoid catching the flu this year and for many seasons to come!

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