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Fighting fire with fire: Kurt's daily muse


Fighting fire with fire is the title of Kurt's Daily Muse today. The wild fires in Texas and Oklahoma have caused extensive damage and left much distruction in their path. Today, Kurt discusses a different kind of fire:

"Fighting Fire with Fire"

April 14, 2009
You may have struggled with a temptation time and time again. Call it what you will - an addiction, a weakness, a generational curse, a besetting sin - it's all semantics when you can't seem to control it. You've even prayed, surrendered, looked for that "way of escape" but it was all so temporary.

Do you recall Desert Storm, when Saddam Hussein lit all those oil wells on fire in Kuwait? Those wells could not be extinguished with water or foam or any element known to man. The only way these gigantic fires could be snuffed out was to create an even greater fire with dynamite.

Red Adair, the famous oil well firefighter,was brought in to literally blow out these enormous candles by licking up all the oxygen and suffocating them with huge dynamite blasts.

Passion is rightly called a fire. And the ONLY way to change the direction of that fire - that constant burning in your heart - is to create a greater fire. Yes, you can set the stage when you "admit, submit and commit" to the Lord. But there will never be a complete victory until your passion for Jesus is greater than your love for that sin!

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