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Fighting crime with wearable technology

Super-strength wearable tech
Super-strength wearable tech
YouTube Fabrio Salsedo wearable tech

An engineering company in Italy known as the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (aka PERCRO) has created wearable technology in the form of a body suit that can enable its wearers to lift up to 50kg in each hand. BBC announces today that this technology could be used to help rescue survivors from disasters such as earthquakes or tornado debris.

Fabio Salsedo, the Senior Research Engineer at PERCRO refers to this wearable technology as a “human power augmentation.” In his YouTube video, Salsedo says that the “exoskeleton” suit would allow heavy lifting through difficult and narrow spaces.

The super-strength body suit isn’t the only wearable technology that may help improve efficiency of rescue forces. It was announced recently, that the police force in Queensland use a technology developed by CSIRO that can virtually map a 3D crime scene in only twenty minutes, instrumental to forensics.

The Queensland police commissioner says, that this device saves police “thousands of hours of investigation,” leading to a faster capture. He also says that it provides visibility and access to difficult areas.

You might have seen the article from posted in February, in which they discuss the use of Google glass as a crime fighting tool. The article says that more than a dozen departments are interested in supplying their officers with this device. And today, CNN posted that Google glass is being used right now in some fire departments to save lives.

Now imagine this, police enforcement in a super-powered body suit, Google glasses and VR devices. Not sure what to think of that.

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