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Fighting City Hall,Why?

Lets hope not like it is for others
Lets hope not like it is for others
Photo by Omar Havana/Getty Images

Why do we set rules and seeming precedence if we are not willing to have others follow them nor seem to care? I used to accept that our city was lax on its pier recycling bin placement because it gave me the inspiration to trot down there to set them out on the sand where they used to be set. The placement on the sand helps divert the recycling from the trash, but after today's effort of putting them out and being told by an employee, told not spoken to, not to put any on the sand, I realize my inspiration has been too shortsighted and that way too much recycling is going in the trash and to our landfill.

Many are uninformed as to why we recycle and though its a global issue in the big picture, its a local concern that needs to be addressed daily.The area of which I speak has had the two bins moved off the beach and either removed to the street or to the top of the stairs being replaced by 3 trash bins which are being used for all disposed as the first receptacle in sight and being carted off to the landfill, this must change.

I am re-pledging my concern, and fight if needed, to help redirect the complacency that's settled in and help re-inform both the local public and officials in our City and County government that we have recycling ordinances on the books.These ordinances need to be enforced in order for us to be as proactive as possible to teach our citizens that landfills actually fill the land and need to be managed in a professional manner. Non-complianceshould be cited whether business or residential, this cannot be left to be an option whether to participate or not.

I would gladly accept a position as teacher and enforcer to help our community get past this overlooked and blatantly lackadaisical important part of an informed and caring community.I will continue to fight the good fight along with many of my good neighbors to be sure we continue to learn and develop our sustainable practices.

Peace and love

Brian P. Doyle


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