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Fighting Against Weight Gain

An estimated 5% of the population in the United States today is overweight or obese due to severe weight gain. There are many different factors that attribute to this phenomenon such as lack of exercise and a bad diet. Many get frustrated with losing weight because of “problem areas” that diet or exercise alone don’t seem to have an effect. There are many lifestyle changes as well as products available to us now, which support weight loss and assist with those final pounds.

Body fat is important in maintaining your body’s health as carbohydrates and proteins eaten are stored in fat reserves and used as energy. Adipose tissue, or body fat, can be found in many locations within the body and serves many different functions. There are two types, brown and white, and they both have different roles. Brown tissue is mainly found around the neck and thorax and is most prominent in newborns. This tissue provides insulation and helps to regulate and control body temperature, but it diminished with age. The other type, white adipose tissue, is found in many areas and it assists in storing food as energy as well as cushioning internal organs. The distribution of these two types of body fats differs between the sexes. Women tend to carry more fat than men especially in the lower regions, which helps the body to prepare for pregnancy and reproduction. Along with the difference in fat stored among sexes, genetics plays a role in how fat may be distributed in each individual body, but one of the most common causes of fat is diet and lack of exercise.

Increased weight gain can be associated with increased risk factors for many health conditions. Therefore, weight loss is very important for your health. Excessive weight gain may lead to high cholesterol, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, erectile dysfunction and other health problems. Weight gain may also lead to sleeping disorders due to difficulty breathing, increased cancer risk and osteoarthritis as well as many other conditions and risk factors. Due to these many health risks associated to excess weight gain it is important to begin thinking about weight loss and the benefits of it on your health and overall life.

There are many traditional weight loss options such as prescriptions, surgery and over the counter pills, but these all have their side effects and the list is extensive. Keeping this in mind there are alternative treatment options. Obviously diet and exercise can effectively help to manage your weight loss goals, but not all stored fat responds to these methods. Some areas that diet and exercise alone may not assist with are the love handles. Instead of looking to weight loss pills or surgery which are drastic measures and have safety concerns there are topical treatment options.

Topical options should have many benefits to shed that stubborn fat and should contain ingredients, which address the fat by shrinking deposits, inhibiting development and stimulating fat burning. Dermacut is a product that shrinks fat cells below the skin and prevents the development of fat. It does so with the ingredients Adiposlim and Adipoless that lead to results. As long as your topical treatment option contains these two effective ingredients you should get the results you desire in a much healthier way than prescription or surgery options. Once you receive the results you desire it is important to maintain this; therefore, one must consider some lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, increasing your water intake and exercise.

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