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Fighter mash-ups


With the demo of Marvel vs Capcom 2 hitting the PSN exclusively today, I began to think of other fighting series that have not met paths. Usually when two different fighting universes clash, great games and match-ups are usually had.

Let's take a look at three possible fighting match-ups that could guarantee a good title.

1) Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter

Mortal Kombat branched out of its own universe not too long ago with MK vs DC, but the game lacked the violence and smash mouth gameplay MK fans were used to, due to the DC characters would not come off well doing Fatalities and such. Although Street Fighter is not as violent as Mortal Kombat, the idea of Fatalities being done by those of the SF universe would be something not as far fetched.

It could be fun to watch Ryu perform a dragon punch and splitting his foe in half, or Ken's hurricane kick knocking someone's head off. How about Zangief smashing someone into a pulp with a spinning pile driver into the ground?

But these two would be good, at least, together for their combo systems, speed, and projectile usages. The playing field could be balanced nicely by these things.

2) Tekken vs Virtual Fighter

These two classic 3D fighting series are known for technical fights, not being games for jumping around all over the screen and throwing projectiles or having magical attacks. The two carry a similar style in camera angles, close quarter combat, control schemes, etc.

This game could go in the style of tag teams (imagine having El Blaze and Law on the same team vs. Hwoarang and Akira). The game would also do well as a 1 vs 1 style. Either way, the cast could be huge, having anywhere from 30-40 characters.

3) Samurai Shodown vs Soul Caliber

Swordplay and magic at its finest. The characters of these series are over-the-top, buff, carry mighty weapons, and if you put the two together, this could be the best of both worlds. 

I really could not see this one as a tag team effort, moreso a one on one duel to the death.

Samurai Shodown, nevertheless, should make a jump to 3D, either fully or in the style of Street Fighter 4.

There are plenty of other fighting franchises that are worthy of mash-ups, but perhaps those can be mixed together some other time.

Fans of these series need to speak to the developers and express an interest in these games. There is still a want for fighting games and splicing universes is always a welcomed idea.


  • yodathe3rd 5 years ago

    star wars vs ninja turtles. that would be ultimate. but i would take street figter vs star wars no weapons vs the force. and yoda would kick all of those fools down.