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Fight summer boredom with kid approved activities

Toys to fight summer boredom
Toys to fight summer boredom
Cristine Struble

As families hit the middle of summer vacation, the dreaded "b" word creeps into kids' vocabulary. Parents cringe when the kids say I'm bored. When days at the pool and playing at the park gets old, here are a few ideas to kids occupied and having fun.

Dance party with DiscoRobo

Every kid can wiggle and jiggle their way to dance party fun. Crank up the iPad with some groove worthy tunes and see who is ready to put their moves to the test. Make the afternoon even more exciting by using DiscoRobo to inspire more creative dance moves. DiscoRobo uses the latest beat detection technology. With 56 amazing moves, this little robot can feel the music and dance along to your favorite grooves. With eight engaging facial expressions, DiscoRobo is like another guest at the party. Create a sound, like drum beats, hand claps or even footsteps and watch him move. The DiscoRobo by Tosy retails for approximately $49.99 and up.

Creative science

If you told you child that they could make a volcano explode, would that wipe away the bored factor? Thames and Kosmos offers a wide array of science influenced kits that are fun for kids. From simple experiments to more advanced experiments, these science toys keep kids engaged. The Volcano kit is fun and messy for kids to use over and over. While the action of watching lava flow and harden is good messy fun, the kids are actually learning about science. Thames and Kosmos has a large selection of science influenced toys that work with a variety of age groups.

Road Trip from the couch

While many adults dream of luxury, grand vacations, kids think about a big road trip too. Turn the day dreaming into a game. Options like Road Trip from Identity Games make for hours of fun. Road Trip makes imaginary travel across the map a thought provoking experience. How many cities can you name that start with the letter A? As your family plays the game more, take the questions and answers into more of a challenge. How many "A" cities have you traveled? Which "A" city is top on your list? Road Trip from Identity Games retails for approximately $24.95.

What is your family's suggestion to fight off summer boredom?

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