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Fight aging with the worlds best cleanser and moisturizer for $3.99

What if I told you that your cleanser and moisturizer is making you age? What if I I told you that the world best cleanser and moisturizer is an all natural product that anyone can afford?

One of the biggest tricks of the cosmetics industry is making people believe that buying creams and lotions and facial cleansers with snail slime, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, acids, Benzoyl Peroxide and skin irritating artificial fragrances as ingredients are necessary for health youthful skin.

The truth is snail slime is disgusting, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate has been linked to kidney and liver damage, alcohol will shrivel you up like a raison, and Benzoyl Peroxide is now thought to promote free radicals attacking your precious skin. I know what you are thinking--my cleanser is trying to kill my ass, so what should I do?

It's time to rediscover a beauty secret that is as old as the hills called oil cleansing. It is a cleanser and moisturizer in one. The cost difference of this method compared to the cost of using a commercial moisturizer and cleaner of the same amount is astronomical!

Click here for more information! And stay beautiful!


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