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Fight Against "Right to Work" Continues

The battle over HB1507, the "Paycheck Protection" bill that would end the Commonwealth's deduction of union dues continues. With labor picking up a victory at the annual convention of the County Commissioners Association of PA, where a resolution in support of the bill was pulled from consideration.

On Tuesday, March 25, labor leaders from PA gathered in Chester to answer question and speak to activists about the attacks on labor coming from the General Assembly. State AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder, Richard Womack from the National AFL-CIO, and leaders from AFSCME and UFCW were among those participating. In addition to HB1507, privatization, retirement security and jobs were discussed.

The bill itself is still in the State Government Committee, and no further action has been announced.

The State AFL-CIO convention draws near, and updates can be found on the Convention page.

The recent ruling by the National Labor Relations Board to allow athletes at Northwestern University to organize was hailed by the State's Union Leadership. The potential ramifications of this will be discussed at a later stage.

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